About Nexportrade.

We are an export trade house mandated by the Nigerian Export Promotion Council to increase export trade volumes in Nigeria.


To be the foremost trade house that will serve as a platform to curb the menace of informal export trade and boost intra-African trade.

Build a solid foundation in key locations across Africa.

Nexportrade operates around ECOWAS states to boost trade relations between West African nations. Our vision is to create a seamless trade relationship among these states in order to grow our economies together.

Set up a reliable freight forwarding network.

To further support Nigerian exporters, we envision a West African freight forwarding network with reliable and affordable solutions for cargo delivery. To this effort, we have already proposed the Sealink freight forwarding service, which we expect to be up and running in the coming months.

Negotiate trade subsidies for exporters.

Nexportrade is always looking for trade subsidies for Nigerian exporters in order to promote international trade among West African countries. By working with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria's Export Promotion Group and the Nigerian government to identify the most efficient financial support tools for Nigerian manufacturers who export their goods.

Spread the word about trading in Africa.

We understand that promoting goods in another country can be difficult for any company, therefore we hold promotional events such as trade fairs and import/export sensitization programs to help businesses expand in the locations where we operate.


Nexportrade Houses Limited (NHL) was founded in 2006 to provide a secure platform for better-organized commercial interactions among ECOWAS member states and other African countries.
Nexportrade plans to spearhead the development of an economic network that would facilitate, promote, and maintain a business-friendly climate among and between economic operators.

We Believe In The Nigerian Economy.

Our people are extremely optimistic about Nigeria’s economic potential. Nexportrade employees are well-versed in a wide range of businesses involved in international trade and diplomatic relations.

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