Manufacturer Representation.

Our skilled professionals are ready to demonstrate your product’s value in locations beyond Nigeria’s borders.

Attend Trade Shows And Conduct Special Product Promotions From Your Homebase.

Nexportrade’s manufacturer representation services is best suited for manufacutrers with the intent to expand into new markets across Africa but with limited capacity to travel around the continent on short notices. Our team can represent a business at trade shows or hold events and speak directly to potential customers on behalf of the manufacturer to drive growth and create awareness.

The process begins by first working closesly with the manufacturer to understand objectives, business strengths, and competitive pressures.

The West African Market Potential from your homebase in Nigeria

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The Nexportrade Virtual Showroom - an extension of our physical outlet in Lome, Togo - bridges the gap between Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Buyers can source goods made and sold by Nigerian businesses with confidence, and exporters from Nigeria have a fresh way to reach other African markets and the rest of the world.

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Let's Get Your Products Across West-Africa.
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