Temporary Storage Solutions.

Sometimes your products need a place to rest while in transit. We can keep them in safe and proper storage facilities while you focus on more important business.

A Safe Space For Your Goods When They Are Out Of Your Reach.

Nexportrade’s warehousing solutions was created to provide assitance to exporters with temporary storage needs. While enroute for a delivery or during trade shows and events, the issue of finding a safe and proper place to keep goods often arises and proves to be a deterrent to manufacturers and businesses involved in exportation across West Africa and to solve this issue, Nexportrade and our partners have established storage solutions in key strategic locations to provide safe temporary holds for goods and allow business to focus on their dealings.

Our storage solution in Togo – the export hub of West Africa – also serves as a showroom to display products to would-be buyers to place orders.

Providing proof of product availability
For customers and businesses arranging an export deal – especially in large quantities – our storage solution can be used as a means to safely demonstrate the availabilty of goods when required by the customer before a payment can be made.

Keeping stock during events and trade shows
An exporter wishing to attend a trade show or hold a special product event can use make use of our storage facilities to have stock ready for sale should the need arise.

The West African Market Potential from your homebase in Nigeria

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The Nexportrade Virtual Showroom - an extension of our physical outlet in Lome, Togo - bridges the gap between Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Buyers can source goods made and sold by Nigerian businesses with confidence, and exporters from Nigeria have a fresh way to reach other African markets and the rest of the world.

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