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The Nexportrade Virtual Showroom bridges the gap between Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world. Buyers can source goods made and sold by Nigerian businesses with confidence, and exporters from Nigeria have a fresh way to reach other African markets and the rest of the world.

The Nexportrade Virtual Showroom is an extension of our Togo-based export hub featuring great Made-In-Nigeria products from across the country.

The soon to be launched virtual showroom is an addon service for Nexportrade stakeholders and all Nigerian businesses interested in starting or strenghtening the export sector. Nexportrade has created the virtual showroom as an addition to the Togo-based showroom – an export hub in the export capital of West Africa – with the fast developing technologies we experience around us on a daily basis.

When launched, subscribers to the virtual showroom will be able to feature their products via a digital channel for even more potential importers across the world to see. Subscribers to the platform will also enjoy the regular sensitiastion and promotion efforts carried out by the Nexportrade team in our bid to boost Nigerian exports and promote trade between West African nations.

Benefits & Features of the Nexportrade Virtual Showroom


Access a larger market with possibilities across the West African region.

With our virtual showroom, Nigerian exporters gain access to untapped markets in West Africa. To keep members of the import and export communities informed about what’s new in the market, we organize promotional marketing campaigns and sensitization programs. When you become a subscribed member of the Nexportrade Virtual Showroom, your product becomes a part of our Made-In-Nigeria promotions.

Spend less time and money on marketing and outreach and more time developing their goods

Promotion and outreach are two roadblocks to breaking into a foreign market. You may have excellent products and an audience but find it tough to reach them. Using the Nexportrade Virtual Showroom as your first outlet can help you spread the word about your products with less effort than traditional methods. When combined with our promotion campaigns, your products are promoted to your audience at a lower cost, allowing you to focus on your product development process.

The platform brings customers from across the globe closer to Made-In-Nigeria products.

We created the Nexportrade Virtual Showroom to bring buyers and sellers of Made-in-Nigeria products together to conduct business efficiently. Often, buyers may be looking for a Nigerian product that is difficult to come by, while sellers may have plenty of these goods stocked in the country. We hope to make these scenarios a thing of the past.


A quick and easy start-up process to get you in the market as soon as possible.

Joining the showroom as a buyer or seller is a straightforward process. To get started, fill out the registration form on the signup page. If you sign up as a seller, we’ll ask you for more information later so we can validate your business and products before you start uploading them.

Click here to visit the showroom

Choose from self-service or supported service options for exporters uploading their products on the platform.

On the platform, sellers have access to a simple product upload tool. If you get stuck, there’s plenty of information and support on the website to guide you through the process. However, we provide a paid service that allows you to request us to upload products on behalf of a seller.


  • To get help uploading a product click here for help & support
  • To find out about our supported service option, click here to request support
Send and receive messages to buyers and sellers.

Before a trade, we encourage buyers and sellers on the marketplace to communicate with one another to iron out payment and shipping details. Sellers determine the most suitable contact options for buyers to reach them. Buyers who want to express interest in a seller’s products pick one and begin a conversation.


Upload images, videos, and product demos.

Upload photos, videos, and product demos to the virtual showroom to engage and interact with your audience. By sharing videos and photographs of their items, sellers and manufacturers can demonstrate the quality and distinctiveness of their products. All subscribers have unlimited access to upload as many videos and photos as necessary.



To be the foremost trade house that will serve as a platform to curb the menace of informal export trade and boost intra-African trade.

Build a solid foundation in key locations across Africa.

Nexportrade operates around ECOWAS states to boost trade relations between West African nations. Our vision is to create a seamless trade relationship among these states in order to grow our economies together.

Set up a reliable freight forwarding network.

To further support Nigerian exporters, we envision a West African freight forwarding network with reliable and affordable solutions for cargo delivery. To this effort, we have already proposed the Sealink freight forwarding service, which we expect to be up and running in the coming months.

Negotiate trade subsidies for exporters.

Nexportrade is always looking for trade subsidies for Nigerian exporters in order to promote international trade among West African countries. By working with the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria's Export Promotion Group and the Nigerian government to identify the most efficient financial support tools for Nigerian manufacturers who export their goods.

Spread the word about trading in Africa.

We understand that promoting goods in another country can be difficult for any company, therefore we hold promotional events such as trade fairs and import/export sensitization programs to help businesses expand in the locations where we operate.

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